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Nationwide Accounts and System Integration
ISG,Corp serves customers nationwide with a single mission: to provide the most innovative, feature-rich and dependable DVR surveillance solutions offered in the industry. Serving large enterprises and small business; single installations and multiple sites with system integration that brings video, audio, remote monitoring, high-speed storage memory, and Web-enabled access together in one, comprehensive, state-of-the-art security application. For full-service system integration, make ISG,Corp your leading-edge provider.

Central Monitoring System 
ISG,Corp IP Video solutions enable central monitoring of more than 1,000 sites simultaneously. ISG,Corp's H.264 based systems are designed for multi-tasking. Built-in dependability that is unmatched in the industry, ISG,Corp systems display and record 'Real-Time' without freezing or crashing. Remote access, control and monitoring can be achieved with user-friendly "point and click" controls from any PC, laptop or Smartphone with multi-layer password protection. Insist upon rigorous and consistent protection for every location from a parking lot to a staduim with unique technology.
(City surveillance, Highway management and more)

University Security and Management
ISG,Corp is committed to offering unparalleled technology in Video encoer systems customized for optimum management of University and related branches world wide. What's more, ISG,Corp provides the most dependable digital surveillance platforms available in the security industry today. The greater the stakes, the greater the need for failsafe security and surveillance - for the University, ISG,Corp has the answer.

Government and Education
Where is security customization more critical than in government and educational campuses? Manage sensitive traffic areas with state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Protect people, property and proprietary intelligence with ISG,Corp's flexible software and technology. ISG,Corp products can be tailored to the most demanding customer specifications and challenging high-security scenarios.



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